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    Most recent updates, v2.0.1, v2.0.2, v2.0.3, v2.0.4 include:

    • fixed bug on Mac OS with conflict of older presets with newer versions

    • fixed Basic Tour broken id

    • slightly improved Search field behavior, expanding by mouse hover

    • added top menu item "Clear Recent List"

    • broken recent link removed once clicked

    Download the latest version 2.0.4

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    Recent update Swimbi app v. 2.1.0

    • all menu designs have been revised
    • added new main menu skin and several new configurations
    • new rollover effects for main menu and submenu
    • added "+Parent" button to add parent element in the navigation tree, useful if you need to move many elements in lower level submenu
    • improved remove from tree button functionality. If removed item has children they won't be removed, but moved in the parent level instead.
    • Shadow size limit changed. Now it's possible to create shadow with negative size. This allows you to create more realistic shadows. (Negative size with bigger blur value and bigger Y-value)
    • changed color for pop up help and tours windows. Blue background and white text.
    • fixed bug with tips appearing during skin switches
    • "+search" second click (if you alread have search field) will select search item in the navigation tree
    • fixed possible multiselect for recent list in the start window
    • fixed bug with Adobe style and search extended by click in wrong direction

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    Recent update Swimbi app v. 2.1.1

    • fixed an issue with wrong shadow in submenu item highlighted as a current page
    • added ability to remove all menu items by single click. Clicking Remove button while holding down Shift key will clear your navigation tree.

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    Swimbi update 2.1.2

    • fix of problem with menu designs created with older versions

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