Clear RECENT list of files

  • We need to have the ability to CLEAR recent files as found in the FILES menu and Drop File Menu

  • administrators

    OK, we've added the ability.
    In the latest version of Swimbi app v.2.0.4
    Direct links:

    Added 3 new features.

    • broken recent link removed once clicked
    • added menu item "Clear Recent List"
    • added notifications "The recent list is cleared." and "The file not found. Removed from the recent list."

    Clear Recent List menu option

  • Tahnk you for the quick response!!!

    I have v2.0.2 installed and would like to know what the changes were in v2.0.3

    One more request... PLEASE PLEASE is there no way to have the release of a new version sent to us via the mailing list???

  • administrators

    I doubt that you want to know about all bug fixes.
    The last digit in the version means small improvements and bug fixes.
    Very little improvements and fixes of specific issues.

    We don't want to bother our subscribers with these not so important things.

    Only helpful features and improvements are described in the download page ,
    posted in the blog and sent in the email newsletter.

    We want to send in the mailing list only updates that could be interesting for our customers.

    Usually, you do not lose anything missing such updates as v2.0.2 to v.2.0.3

    Update v2.0.4 is more significant and we've thought to make it v.2.1.0,
    but in fact it's rather a fix or addition to the existing recent list feature,
    I think most customers happy with it as is.

  • I want to know about ALL releases... bug fixes, in detail, is not my goal but the fact that there is a new version IS of interest, minor or major!

    The annoying part is having to constantly remember to "check your download page"

    I doubt you know what all your customers want or think, I will acquiesce to the "way it is" as it is your product and I appreciate your support of your product

    Just glad you are the only software author that takes this notification track....

  • administrators

    I found a compromise solution.

    I've just created a new category in the forum - Announcements.
    And new topic - All updates of Swimbi app.

    You can subscribe on the topic (click Watch button) to receive notifications about every update and bug fix.

  • EXCELLENT! Appreciate the extra effort!

    I am sure that it will benefit everyone!


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