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Clear RECENT list of files

EXCELLENT! Appreciate the extra effort!

I am sure that it will benefit everyone!


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Menu Problem

What is the maximum number of menu items I can put in any menu design? I am trying to put 14 items (each a dropdown one) and the menu flows outside the screen with the 13th onwards. Why?

Is there an official "upper number" of menu items (horizontal) I can make with Swimbi? Please reply quickly. thanks

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That's how affiliate page should look like

We have a few affiliate registrations every day.
But only ones with dedicated landing pages make sales.

Here is the simple but working example:

Everyone can register as affiliate and earn 50% from every sale automatically.


Even if a visitor goes to our site and use our form to purchase, affiliate referrer is always rewarded.

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How to add Swimbi to my site?

Swimbi menu is just HTML code plus CSS and JS. Knowing that you can insert it as any other piece of code.
Swimbi app can insert the menu code in any given page, also it can copy necessary files to your server if you opened your page via FTP. If you wanna do it yourself just don't forget to copy menu_files folder, which contains CSS, JS, fonts(optionally) and config for Swimbi UI.

When you click Publish button, HTML code of a menu is inserted into your page, all necessary files are copied in the menu_files folder(next to your page). So you need to upload the menu_files folder in the root of your server (in public_html) along with your page(s).

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All updates of Swimbi app

Recent update Swimbi app v. 2.1.1

fixed an issue with wrong shadow in submenu item highlighted as a current page added ability to remove all menu items by single click. Clicking Remove button while holding down Shift key will clear your navigation tree.


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